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 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Vs ASO (App Store Optimization) - Infographic

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Use it as a lead generation platform: LinkedIn is THE best option for lead generation. LinkedIn marketing accounts for over 80% effective leads generated via social media. Here is how you can use LinkedIn advertising to generate leads:
  • Turn your page into a lead generation page.
  • Keep the content fresh and unique.
  • Use relevant and catchy images.
  • Incorporate engaging content.
  • Make the page presentable and the content readable.
  • Use separate header and landing images.

Gain a Competitive Advantage: More than 90 percent of B2B marketers are currently using LinkedIn to share and distribute content. When you start marketing with LinkedIn, you can more closely monitor your competitors’ strategies, such as how they’re serving content, what they’ve accomplished, how they’re engaging your audience, and how their employees engage your target customer.

This can help you identify trends and marketing opportunities to grow your brand and acquire new talent.

Build Visibility and Engagement With Groups: There are a few benefits for marketers when it comes to LinkedIn groups: you can engage with other existing groups to form new connections, and you can even launch your own group with ties to your company to improve visibility and authority in your industry.

Participating in groups is a smart way to market yourself on LinkedIn without directly promoting your products or services. Your main goals are to provide answers, spark up debates and discussions, and use content marketing in groups to position yourself as a thought leader. That influence carries over to your brand with the connections you make.

Keep the page active and conversion-focused: You must keep the page active with fresh content as already mentioned.

LinkedIn marketing is done to ensure that the leads generated convert to actual takers. Marketing on LinkedIn is all about getting the potential takers to click. In case the landing pages fail, the recent updates should get them. To draw people’s attention you need to:

Post regular updates: 
  • Engage viewers with interactive posts and be present to cater to the attention.
  • Develop a communicative bond with potential conversion targets.
  • This is how you use LinkedIn marketing to engage interested people and keep them interested so that the leads can convert to clients

Grow Your Presence With Targeted Content: Unlike other social networks where consumers collect friends the way gamers collect Pok√©mon, professionals on LinkedIn tend to network with people that work alongside or within their industry.

Increase Your Organic Visibility: LinkedIn Careers page screenshot Company pages and posts created in LinkedIn Pulse are both indexed by search engines like Google. Optimizing your company profile and posting regularly can give you a tremendous boost in organic search visibility, unique visitor traffic, and relevant referral traffic when you link back to your landing pages in the content you distribute.

Page administrators can even view metrics and insights including:
  • The engagement level of posts
  • Follower demographics
  • Page traffic
  • Activity and engagement on your company page

Many of these insights are also available for personal LinkedIn accounts, although advanced data metrics are only available to premium users.

Transform Sales Into Thought Leaders: If you have a sales team, include them in your marketing strategy. Don’t rely on LinkedIn just for sourcing leads and hard selling. Instead, encourage your sales team to become content marketers.

By sharing great content with prospects and customers, your sales team can greatly increase their personal influence and authority. Prospects will feel like your sales team is genuinely helpful, which builds more trust in both the individual and the organization. After using this approach, I’ve seen the velocity of sales increase as the window from lead acquisition to close shrinks.

Become More Human: People like doing business with other people, not faceless brands. Optimizing your business page with awesome behind-the-scenes images and team photos adds personality to your brand that will set you apart from the competition.

Let your employees represent the human side of your marketing strategy. With great images, compelling content, and helpful contributions to the community, you’ll maintain a positive perception around your brand.

Generate More Leads: As you build your presence on LinkedIn, you can begin leveraging user-generated content to promote your brand. The customers and vendors you’ve worked with in the past can provide testimonials that make your brand and individual team members stand out within the community. Any kind of testimonials from peers are major trust signals that can help you close deals faster and generate more leads. Testimonials on LinkedIn

I go out of my way to connect people in my network together if I think they have something to offer one another in business. When you craft great relationships with your prospects and other professionals, you will experience the same kind of referrals as your connections become champions for your business.

Zero in on Decision Makers: LinkedIn offers a lot of data, which makes it easy to find and engage the right audience. Whether I promote organic content or I use the paid promotional tools for sponsoring content on LinkedIn, this platform gives me the best chance of reaching the decision makers in every campaign we run.

Grow Your List: Direct engagement and content-sharing on LinkedIn will continuously enhance the trust your followers have in you. This makes it easy to reach out to your entire network and prompt them to join your email list to receive updates whenever you publish even more valuable content. Rather than hope for opt-ins from a call-to-action on a post, directly asking can yield tremendous results.

I’ve added hundreds of people to my lists just by reaching out to connections and asking them to sign up for my newsletter after first spending time nurturing the new relationship.
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Friday, February 2

What is Search Engine Optimization and Why it is Important?

Search engine optimization often refers as SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of web pages to appear higher in the non paid search results. Whenever a search query is performed, SEO helps to rank your web page higher in the SERPs. The traffic appears from SEO source is free or organic. For better understanding and knowing the basics, check the SEO Meaning in detail along with the video. It is not only important to optimize the web pages for search engines but also for the users. Here are the key reasons why SEO is important-
1. The majority of people click the top five results in SERPs so it is crucial to perform the right practices of SEO to appear higher in the search results.
2. SEO improves the usability and user experience of the website for the users.
3. Users trust the results of search engines and having the higher position develops credibility for the site to get clicks.
4. If the site appears higher in the search results then people prefer to share most likely on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.
5. SEO helps in outperforming your competitors as if one of the two sites is optimized then it will likely to get more sales as most of the people perform search query before buying a product or service.

SEO and Keyword Research

Keyword research is the backbone of SEO. It is the process of researching and choosing the keywords users may search in the search engines which relates to your product or service. It is crucial to select the right keywords in order to appear higher for the given set of queries and drive organic traffic. Research the keywords based on the intent of users or topics that are trending in your industry. Utilize the power of Long tail keywords as people more specifically perform the search queries. If you are having the small business which is area based, search local keywords.
Once the research is done, check the search volume and keyword difficulty. Select the keywords having high or medium search volume with less difficulty. You can use tools to perform this selection. Some of the popular tools are-
Moz Keyword Research Tool
Google Keyword Planner

For detailed process for keyword research and keyword strategy check

How to research keywords for SEO?

Keyword Strategy

To rank the web pages higher in the search results, there are 200 SEO ranking factors that Google considers to rank. But there are 30 SEO most important factors which are classified into on page and off page SEO factors. Here is the list-

On Page SEO Factors

  1. Website URL structure
  1. Meta Tags
  1. Keyword Density
  1. Keyword Proximity
  1. Image ALT Text
  1. Internal and Outbound Linking Optimization
  1. Canonical Tags
  1. Site speed
  1. Website Errors
  1. Sitemaps
  1. txt
  1. Redirections
  1. Mobile Friendliness
  1. Crawling & Indexing
  1. Addition of Tracking codes
  1. Breadcrumbs
  1. Text/ HTML ratio
  1. W3C Validation
  1. Schema Implementations
  1. Social Sharing Buttons
  1. No Follow
  1. Noindex

Off Page SEO Ranking Factors

  1. Domain Authority
  1. Page Authority
  1. Trust Flow
  1. Citation Flow
  1. Social Shares
  1. Link Juice
  1. Page Rank
  1. Anchor text

Types of SEO

  1. Black Hat SEO
  1. White Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO refers to the techniques which don’t follow the SEO guidelines. Some of the black hat SEO techniques are as follows- Link spam, cloaking, keyword stuffing, etc. It shows the results quickly but there is short lasted growth in the rankings of the site.
White Hat SEO techniques follow the strict SEO guidelines. Some of the white hat SEO techniques include- the creation of quality content, manual research and outreaching, practicing link earning techniques. The results of these techniques are slow but long lasting.

Google Algorithm Updates

The digital marketing field is dynamic in nature and there is a change every second. It is now more focused and competitive in nature as well. If you have a goal to achieve high search engine rankings and maintain them for a long time, you have to strictly follow Google Algorithm Updates. Here is the list of Major updates
Website owners should have the knowledge of all these major SEO updates and optimize the site avoiding penalties on the site to ensure better DA and rankings in SERPs. However, if the site is affected or penalized then remove Google penalty.

Website SEO Analysis

This is one of the most important steps of Beginners guide to SEO. Analysis of website for all the SEO most important factors is called the website SEO analysis. It is important to analyze the website to improve the online presence, visibility on the search engines and resolve technical errors of the site. You must check website SEO analysis steps along with the basic SEO audit checklist and free tools. It is crucial to optimize the website for better user experience and site usability so check SEO tips for web design and development. Rectify all the technical errors and broken links by using the Search console tool.

How to Increase Performance of Website?

There are many factors responsible for increasing performance of website such as average time spent on site, bounce rate, traffic, number of visitors, social sharing, etc.  It is crucial to creating the right SEO strategy to stay ahead in the competition and outperform competitors in the industry. Follow the latest SEO trends and white hat SEO techniques, link building techniques to get effective results. Although the results of all these are slow and there is a saying by ancient proverb-
“Slow and steady wins the SEO race”
So results might be slow but effective to increase the performance of the website in search engine result pages and driving organic traffic. For better results, it is important to monitor keyword rankings and follow the steps to improve ranking.

Traffic Measurement and Analysis

This is a crucial part of the Beginners guide to SEO. Add Google Analytics code to the site and track the important key metrics such as traffic sources, average time spent on the site, bounce rate, visitors, and conversions. You can also check the top performing landing pages, channels, traffic details. Link your Google Analytics account with Search console to check the search queries performed by searchers.
Prepare the SEO report including the contribution of traffic by each channel, average time spent, bounce rate, new VS returning visitors, keyword ranking positions. You can also set the goals according to the industry requirement and track how many conversions are completed successfully. Compare the results with the past month.

Importance of Content Marketing in SEO

Content Marketing plays a vital role in SEO. Quality Content boosts the SEO efforts by making it more attractive to convert visitors into buyers. Here are the key points how both of them can improve the performance of the site.
1. With the help of SEO and content marketing, you can research a trendy and latest topic and create unique, relevant and high-quality content. This will help in driving massive traffic to the site, reduce bounce rates and boost conversions.
2. Content Marketing helps in writing an appealing headline which will result in high social shares, good open rates in email and huge traffic to the site.
3. High-Quality content can earn more links as people like to link the quality content on their site as it is more authoritative.
4. Content Marketing skills help SEO specialist to perform the link building through content such as guest posting, Quora answers, Yahoo answers. This makes the strong online reputation and improves the domain authority of the site.
5. Content Marketing helps to optimize the content properly by placing the keywords naturally in the content. It also helps in integrating the long tail keywords rightly in the content and follows the right percentage of keyword proximity.

Role of Social Media in SEO

Social media and SEO go hand in hand. It increased the authority and visibility of the site in search engines. Here are the roles of social media to improve SEO for a site-
1. Link build on social media is considered to be authoritative which improves the credibility of the site. By regularly sharing the content of the site, time spent can be increased and bounce rate can be reduced. These all provide the strong signals to search engines to rank the site higher in SERPs
2. Social media helps in increasing the follower base which turns into the visitors of the site. Visitors are important for improving the visibility of the site that spends the time on the site and finally converts into buyers.
3. Social media helps in improving the position of keywords in SERPs by targeting exactly same keywords in the social media posts or hashtags.
4. Social media especially Google+ profile helps in improving the presence in local 3 packs results. All you need to do for this is to optimize the social profile, build accurate citations and keep the profile active.
5. Social media makes your content viral and drive huge traffic and increase the time spent. This results in appearing on the web pages higher in the SERPs.

Search Engine Marketing

Integrating SEO and PPC to increase the visibility and maximizing traffic and conversions is called Search Engine Marketing. There are many benefits of SEO and PPC integration. Here is the list of some of them.
1. You can link Adwords and Analytics account and utilize the keywords for various SEO activities. This also helps in avoiding the problems of exact search volumes which Google now doesn’t show. As from the integration, you will get the keywords which are driving traffic and conversions.
2. Ad copy prepared by PPC specialist help to make an attractive title in SEO. A good title for the web page is important for improving the visibility in the search engines.
3. PPC team helps to create an effective landing page. An optimized landing page will help to drive the leads or conversions. Thus improve the overall performance of the site and satisfy the clients.

Local SEO

Local SEO is an effective way to promote the products or services to the local customers. It is important to build citations including Name, address, phone number and website aka NAP+W. You can build the accurate citations of your business on Google my business, Foursquare, Yelp, Yellow Pages and other online business directories. Localize the content, website, get online reviews and build strategies. Here are some of the important reasons to why local SEO can attract more customers to the site.
1. Most of the people perform a search to find the information about local business. It is important to optimize the local site for mobile as nearly 60% of search queries are performed by mobile.
2. Local search marketing yields better returns on investment than any other channel of marketing.
3. It is important to build the citations and business listing on the online directories as 50% of conversion comes from there.
4. People make a purchase decision by looking to the online reviews so encourage the online reviews on the business profile present on the authoritative sites.
5. By optimizing the Google My business profile, building citations and earning reviews your business can come on the first page of Google in local 3 pack search results.

Link Building and SEO

Link building techniques have changed a lot of in the past few years. It is now important to build the quality links on authoritative sites than performing the bulk submission on low-quality sites. Before building links, it is necessary to check some of the factors such as traffic, DA, PA and Page Rank. While building links, try to add the value to the users instead of just adding the link for the sake of traffic. Link building can improve the authority of a site. At the same time, bad link affects the site and should be disavowed in Google Search Console Tool. Some of the latest and trending link building techniques are-
  1. Guest Posting
  1. Citation Building
  1. Link Bait, round ups
  1. Broken Link Building
  1. Link Reclamation
  1. Building Links through Infographic
  1. Outreaching by email to add links
  1. Widget/Gadget Link building
  1. Blog commenting
  1. Link Building on Quora and Yahoo Answers.

Mobile SEO

Having a mobile version of the site is the key to success in the coming years. With mobile first indexing update, it is now almost compulsory to have the mobile version of the site to improve the visibility in the search results. You can also use responsive design for the mobile friendly view of the site. Here is the list of six key components which are necessary to improve the site-
1. Focus on Improving Mobile ranking.
2. Fix mobile-friendly errors.
3. Perform the keyword research for mobile and optimize the content.
4. Focus on app store optimization
5. Perform app indexing.
6. Utilize Accelerated Mobile Pages.
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Saturday, November 25

Important WordPress Plugins That Will Speed up Your Site

These plugins are designed to increase the load speed of your page through a variety of mechanisms. Which one you need depends greatly on the structure, design, and reach of your page. There are plugins for extremely high traffic sites, plugins for image heavy sites, and every need you might have in between. To help you narrow down which WordPress plugin is best for your site, we have narrowed down some of our favorites, each filling a slightly different focus.

Faster Rendering: WP Fastest Cache WP Fastest Cache Comparison
Looking for a plugin that is fast, intuitive and after 3 million downloads, still maintains a five-star review?
WP Fastest Cache is your answer.
You have put in hard work on your site and now you are generating tons of views. This is great. Except the heavier the traffic flow is generated to your site; the more RAM and CPU is used and this means only one thing.
Slow rendering.
WP Fastest Cache creates a static HTML file, so that multiple users reach the same static page rather than having the page render repeatedly.
Looking at the 5-star reviews this plug in receives, user site speed, functionality and ease of use among the top features. More than 400,000 active installations can’t be wrong. The only downside? To take full advantage of all the features will require a premium version. 

Caching: W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache
If you’re looking for a free web caching option, W3 Total Cache is the most advanced plugin for web performance optimization to date.
This plugin is one of the most respected and recommended WPO frameworks by major web developers and web host. Plus, it has gained the trust of big business names like AT&T and Mashable.
Impressive. But, is W3 Total Cache the right plugin for your needs?
This plugin will do a lot for you. The website boasts perks such as
  • At least 10x improvement in overall site performance.
  • Improvements in conversion rates.
  • Improvements in search engine rankings.
  • Up to 80 percent bandwidth savings.
And, that is just the tip of the cache iceberg.
W3 Total Cache is a big-time plugin with a monstrous number of features. For high volume, high traffic sites, a plugin with these capabilities is essential.
On the other hand, the complexity of this plugin doesn’t make it = user-friendly to the uninitiated and its intended audience is experts in the field. The features can be overwhelming and, honestly, too complicated for the small-time user.

Compressing JavaScript & CSS Files: WP Super Minify
WP Super Minify
WP Super Minify, with 20,000 active installations, combines and compresses HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files to reduce the time it takes your website to load. The three-step process for installing this plugin include downloading the plugin, uploading it to the directory and activating it through the plugins menu.
The process really couldn’t be any simpler or foolproof. WP Super Minify won’t increase Google page speed as much as some of the more technical plugins, however, many users can expect an increase of 2-4 percent.
Not too bad for an easy and intuitive plugin.

Reducing Image Size: WP Smush
WP Smush It
WP Smush is an award-winning, image compression plugin.
Every image on your site can increase page load time. In the past, the only real way around this was by compromising image quality. With WP Smush, every image is compressed so that the overall size is decreased, yet the integrity and quality of the image remain intact.
What are some of the perks of WP Smush?
  • It supports all common image formats including JPEG, GIF, and PNG.
  • Removes unused colors from images.
  • It is compatible with other plugins.
  • Compresses any image in your directory.
  • Removes metadata from JPEG images.
  • Multiple images to compress? No problem. W3 Smush handles up to 50 at a time
WP Smush is the go-to plugin for image optimization.

Decreasing Pageload: BJ Lazy Load
BJ Lazy Load Options
When a user enters your site, all the content on the page is automatically loaded. No matter how much content there is.
What if your page is large, or contains many images? Loading time is naturally going to be slower.
BJ Lazy Load has the solution.
When this plugin is installed, your page no longer loads all at once.
Isn’t this a bad thing?
Not at all.
Rather than loading content that the viewer is not ready to access, BJ Lazy Load delays loading it until the user is ready. For example, let’s say you have a long page and lots of written content filled with images. Obviously this isn’t a quick browse. As the viewer scrolls along, content iframes are replaced with placeholders so that the page loads bit by bit, rather than all at once. The visitor won’t notice this, and that’s exactly the point.

Optimizing the Database: WP-Optimize
WP Optimize
Running a WordPress site and/or blog can lead to a highly inefficient database.
Every time a new page or post is saved, WordPress creates a revision of that post or page. So, if you edit a post 6 times (as I’ve done so far with this post) there might be 5 copies of this post as revisions.
As you can imagine, this quickly adds data to the database table resulting in unnecessarily bloat and slower access. In other cases, a large blog might have thousands of spam or un-approved comments saved in their tables, causing further inefficiencies.
In short, WP-Optimize allows you to clean up and optimize your database to make it run better. You can also remove all those post revisions and comments automatically to ensure your database is running neat, fast, and efficient.
Once enabled, you can define a schedule which will automatically clean-up your database by removing all unnecessary data like spam comments, trashed content, etc., compact/de-fragment your MySQL tables, show database statistics and potential savings and more.
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