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Friday, July 1

10 Sites to Buy Facebook Fans, Friends, Likes

How can you increase Facebook fans / friends / likes? Simply buy Facebook fans. Showing off a large number of Facebook fans has become a status symbol of your site community and people are buying  Facebook Fans to increase Facebook fan numbers. A whole new business model has developed for Facebook marketing services.

Where to Buy Facebook Fans / Likes / Friends

Here are some popular services which will increase Facebook fans for a price.
  1. Usocial Facebook Marketing – starting with only $197, they bring you 1,000 brand new targeted Facebook fans. For $8997.30 as a limited time offer, they get you 250,000 brand new targeted and real Facebook fans to your existing account or new account, delivered within several months. They also have custom packages to deliver upto 20 million Facebook fans!
  2. SocialKik - For non targeted fans – 1000 fans for $59, upto 50000 fans for $999. For targeted fans – 1000 fans for $79, upto 50000 fans for $1199. No bots nor spamming done and all orders are covered under a Money Back Guarantee.
  3. FacebookFans – In starter Silver plan for $39.97, buy 1000 Facebook Fans wherein 1000 Targeted Real Human Visitors will be invited to your fanpage! A choice of US or UK fans. In Gold plan, buy 5000 Facebook fans for $99.97.
  4. SocialPromotionz – Starting trial package for 500 targeted facebook for $40; you can buy upto 10000 Facebook fans for $740. All from USA.
  5. Fanbullet – Starting $79.95, will deliver 1000 real and targeted Facebook Fans (Likes) direct to your Facebook fan page within 2-4 weeks. Get 5000 Followers for $329.95 on your business or personal page within 4-6 weeks!
  6. Fanpage Hookup – For Non targeted fans – 500 fans for $74, and upto 25,000 fans for $1199. For targeted fans, 1,000 Facebook Fans for $174 and upto 25,000 Targeted Fans for $1699
  7. Webtraffic2010 – Starting at 300 fans for $14.99, they will sell 10000 Facebook Fans for $409.
  8. MyFBfans –  Starting at $29 for 2000 real fans in a week. Upto 50000 fans for $399!
  9. GetFansNow – Starter bronze plan with 1000 fans/likes for $97 and Gold plan of  5000 fans/likes for $247
  10. GettyFans – 1,000 Facebook Fans / Friends / Likes for $117 and upto 15,000 Facebook Fans / Friends / Likes for $557

Note that targeted fans are more expensive than non targeted fans. US and UK fans seem to be in extra demand and cost more. And obviously, the larger the number of fans for sale, the longer they will take to add to your account.

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