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Friday, July 8

Hide Facebook from Your Boss

Now, you can easily check your Facebook account at your work place without the fear of being caught by your boss. A website developed by a university student allows you to automatically convert your Facebook news feeds into an Excel spreadsheet, reports the Herald Sun.

Users can instantly see what their friends are up to on Facebook with updates appearing as new spreadsheet rows. Uploaded pictures and videos can be viewed by hovering over the entries, and users can interact by "liking" the updates with a simple click on the spreadsheet.

The page, with its intentionally corporate look, is slyly titled "daily cash reconciliation" so wasting work time appears to nosy onlookers as diligent financial work. The site was created by Yale computer science major Bay Gross, 20, after a friend doing a government internship told him she had to wait until after work to read his Facebook updates

Source: Yahoo Finance News

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