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Saturday, February 11

Tips on How to Maximize Lead Quality in PPC Marketing

One of the biggest issues PPC Marketers face today is knowing what is a considered a GOOD lead and what is a BAD lead. Some would say that doesn’t matter to them, as they feel their job is to just drive leads and keep the ROAS% within their threshold, while others to strive for perfection and count on their clients for future referrals. Well, for those who don’t care about lead quality, that is just bad business practice. To solve the issue of “unqualified leads” takes cooperation from both sides and it’s pretty easy to get a sense of what’s working on what is not. Let’s Discuss.

Why “After the Click” is just as important as “Before the Click”
PPC Marketers who put a blind eye to just look at conversion quantity and not conversion quality is setting themselves up for failure. No client is going to stay with them very long if their leads never turn into $$$ for them. However, taking this first step to solving this problem starts with a simple conversation with the client and asking very specific questions like:
  • Why is this not considered a good lead?
  • What information do you need from the visitor to consider them qualified.
  • What other information can you give me from past clients?

Then after those questions are answered, the PPC Marketer should also be allowed access to view the leads that are coming in so they can analyze the messaging and all of the other demographic and geographic information so they can come back and adjust their messaging and/or entire strategy.

Measuring Keyword Intent
Many of us know that certain Long Tail terms have specific motivations behind them. As in human behavior, our words and how we say them impact responses from those listening. Terms like Buy, Order, Immediate, Fast,  Help, Need, etc… have different levels of intent as compared to others which do not have that same level of intensity. Based on the industry that the PPC campaign is targeting, work with the client to identify these terms and apply them to the adgroup, as well as the Text Ad Messaging and test it.

Conversion Tricks to Filter out Bad Leads:
Instead of using a basic Online Form, you should create a brief survey to get the visitor engaged and allow them to provide information that could automatically  qualify them or put them in the trash. Surveys are good for two (2) reasons.
  • Often get a better response rate
  • Provide a sense of interaction and engagement that a general form does not.

Point Based Conversion tracking:
Tracking Conversions is a pretty easy thing to do and no matter how much work is done “before the click”, understanding with Keywords and Text Ads drive the most “qualified leads” is difficult to identify. One way to fix this problem is putting a point system in place based on the answers to the questions and have those points calculated in the Conversion Tracking Revenue Dynamic Variable (as used in eCommerce).

Based on these points, we now can see that from 1 – 10, with 10 being best, we can identify what is generating the best leads. Moreover, this will require some programming to generate a point system, but the end result will save the advertisers hundreds if not thousands of PPC dollars in the future. See an example below:
In Conclusion:
PPC Marketing is an evolving industry which continually keeps getting more and more complex and we need to find ways to get our clients they best results possible. Quality Scores and Optimal Landing Pages are good, but unless the lead turns into strong prospect, it’s all useless to the client. Obtaining better qualified leads is as easy is chatting the client to see the types of leads coming in and understanding why they were good or unqualified.



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