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Thursday, October 23

Google Webmaster Trends Team Wants To Visit Your Office

Gary Illyes from Google announced on Google+ that the Google Webmaster Trends Analyst team is looking to observe you and your company, while you work.
Gary said Google is looking to sit with companies, agencies, and website owners at their office and watch them as they work on “managing their sites’ content and infrastructure.” This includes observing everyone from “developers, designers, content creators, SEOs, and decision makers,” both large sites and really small sites. The only catch: your business needs to be in Europe or North Africa; this is not for other regions.
During the process, Google will “take notes and ask questions” about your specific tasks and objectives.
Google said it is doing this with the goal of creating an “internal report” that it will use for “improving” its “communication, support, and web-search related products like Webmaster Tools.”
Gary added that in exchange, Google will let you can ask them “anything” and they will try to answer you “within reason.” So, don’t expect that your Penguin worries will vanish if you get Google to visit your office. But its team may point out specific issues, if found.
If you want to participate, fill out this form and hope Google selects you.

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