Facebook blogging appsIf you’ve got a blog or website then you know that redistributing it through platforms like Facebook apps is key to your branding and marketing. In order to effectively grow your blog, make it accessible to a wide array of readers and facilitate discussions around your blog content, you have to be able to share your blog in various forms just like Facebook. Lucky for you, there are several apps out there to aid you in this quest. Here are some of our favorite top Facebook apps for bloggers and webmasters.

FacebookFacebook Pages – Sometimes a third party app isn’t necessary for a blogger’s needs to build out their Facebook presence. Coming from Facebook directly, Pages are public profiles that you can set up for your business or brand, which may be you as an individual blogger. Create posts, share items from Facebook or the web, and build a fan base in order to centralize your blog’s activity for promotional purposes. The ability to spread information and updates about your blog can really become easy when you have a Facebook Page for readers to access directly through their Facebook account.

Facebook Notes is the closest thing Facebook ever created to an internal blogging platform, giving users a space to create and share content. There are options for publishing an RSS feed through the Facebook Notes app as well. The largest benefit of using Facebook Notes is its privacy factor, as you can be very selective about who accesses a note you’ve created on Facebook. This is particularly useful for content you want to create on Facebook for the purpose of sharing 
with other Facebook members, as no importing options are necessary.

TwitterTwitter – Twitter is a priceless tool for many bloggers, giving a way for them to broadcast their web content quickly and easily. Sharing links as forms of personal recommendations within a network that encourages open discussions around that content is what Twitter is all about. Moving a portion of that activity over to Facebook only extends the power this sharing and discussing can have for your own blog. Redistribute your Twitter activity on Facebook and better leverage the power of the Facebook wall without having to repeat tasks.

NetworkedBlogsNetworkedBlogs – Sometimes networking with other bloggers can be beneficial to your own online publication. Become a part of a larger blog catalog and reap the benefits of aggregated access to a wide range of potential readers with the NetworkedBlogs Facebook app. Vote on the blogs you like, import your own blog feed and become more discoverable by making your content available alongside other blog publications. Readers and other Facebook users can search Blog Networks to find the content they may be interested in, which could be your blog. Readers can then access and enjoy your blog content directly through this app.

Social RSSSocial RSS – Posting your blog’s RSS feed to your Facebook profile using Social RSS is a breeze. You can also add your Twitter feed, FriendFeed RSS, or any other feed you want to tack on to your profile or business fan page. If you’re looking for something a bit more customized, you can always contact Social RSS and have them build a customized application too.

FriendFeedFriendFeed – FriendFeed may be the ultimate social media content aggregator, pulling in anything that comes with an RSS feed. Porting this into your Facebook account means one more option for automated redistribution of your blog. What FriendFeed also does is pull the comments and other peripheral activity taking place around your FriendFeed stream, giving your Facebook friends a glimpse at what you’re doing in other areas of the web. As FriendFeed is now a part of the Facebook family, you’re likely to see more supported integration in the future.

WordPressWordPress – WordPress is a pretty standard platform for bloggers, so it comes as no surprise that the team behind WordPress has created an app for Facebook users. What the WordPress app for Facebook does is bring the blogging experience directly into Facebook, making it easy to create, publish and share content without leaving Facebook’s site. The posts created on the Facebook app will also post to your WordPress blog as well. The WordPress Facebook app also has a mini community that forms around your content, making it easy to stay updated as to your friends’ WordPress content and vice versa.

LiveBlogLiveBlog – LiveBlog adds some typical blogging flare to your Facebook account. If you ever used MySpace’s blogging tool, then LiveBlog will be a familiar format for you to use, even on Facebook. Update your mood, media (i.e. what you are listening to), and share YouTube clips to express yourself on Facebook. Move beyond the status update to show a deeper side of yourself.

Mirror BlogMirror Blog – Mirror Blog can really act as a re-syndication tool, synching your outside blog with your Facebook account. With support for the major blogging platforms, you can create a blog entry from within Facebook using the Mirror blog app. This app will also pull your blog’s content into Facebook via RSS or ATOM feed. The automation around this process makes Mirror Blog a viable option for those looking to streamline the syndication process.

Blog ItBlog It by TypePad – Blog It is a multi-functional tool that lets you blog from several vantage points with one service. Using the Blog It app, you can publish to and from multiple blogging platforms, from Facebook to Twitter. Centralizing your blogging activity makes Blog It a fairly business-centric tool, ideal for those with a focus on social media marketing within their blogging career. Syndication, easy publishing tools and automated features are key to Blog It, and the rich feature set makes this a very useful service all together.

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